VISOA Associate Membership

With the growing popularity of strata living, be it in a duplex, apartment style condo, townhome, or a bare land strata, so many potential buyers (or renters) are asking questions about the pros and cons of strata living.  So VISOA developed an informational brochure “Is Strata or Condominium living for me?” for non-owners (free copy available in our publications section or just click here).  VISOA even offered a few seminars for educational purposes to people who might be interested in both stratas and VISOA.  Many thought it might be a good idea if they could belong to VISOA and learn more.  Our Board responded and has developed an “Associate Membership” for that purpose.

The Associate Membership is for individuals that do not own a strata lot in a British Columbia Strata Corporation but are residents of B.C.  They shall pay annual dues and may have all the privileges of membership except the right to vote at a general meeting or to be elected or appointed to the Board.  But they will get to attend Seminars for only $10 provided they pre-register and attend Workshops at a reduced rate.

Interested?  Just click on “JOIN NOW” then select Associate

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