Corporate Membership

This membership is for stratas who want all of their owners to be members and avail themselves of all VISOA services.  Benefits include:

  • Strata Support Team: VISOA’s Strata Support Team will answer your strata questions.  Any owner in your strata can phone or email and receive assistance as soon as possible, at no charge.  This includes questions pertaining to an owner’s strata lot, or strata council governance and procedural questions.
  • Seminars: VISOA presents 5 or more seminars per year. Guest speakers share their expert knowledge on topics of interest to strata owners and councils.  $10 admission for members ($30 for non-members)
  • Workshops: In-depth, full day workshops are offered for small groups throughout the year. $75 for Corporate Members ($95 for non-members)
  • Assistance with meetings:  VISOA Board Members, if available, can attend to assist your Council and General Meetings (subject to fees and travel expenses, if required).

VISOA Bulletins are published 4 times per year in digital format. All owners in the strata corporation may subscribe to the VISOA mailing list to receive email notification of each new issue.

  • Membership Fee: $6.50 per unit. Minimum of $60.00 to a maximum of $500.00 per year. 

For questions regarding corporate memberships please contact us at or telephone us at 250-920-0688 or Toll Free at 1-855-38-VISOA (855-388-4762)

You can purchase a corporate membership in two ways:

1.  Pay By Cheque:
Complete the Corporate Membership Application Form – Pay by Cheque. A copy of the form will be emailed to a designated person (e.g. treasurer).  Then print off a copy of the form and mail it, along with a cheque, to: VISOA, 306 – 620 View Street, Victoria, BC, V8W 1J6

2.  By Credit Card (PayPal):
Complete the Corporate Membership Application Form – Pay by Credit Card. A copy of the form will be emailed to a designated person (e.g. treasurer) for your records.

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