Some of our Recent Workshops

Best Practices for Strata Treasurers

Saturday October 19, 2019

This "how-to-do-it" workshop will review all financial aspects of managing your condo, townhouse or bareland strata and is designed for both self-managed stratas and for those who employ a strata manager.

Workshop for New Strata Council Members

Saturday September 21, 2019

If you've recently been elected to the council of your condo, townhouse or bareland strata corporation but are unsure of what your responsibilities are and how to carry them out, this workshop will help you to become an effective contributor. Or, if you've been thinking of joining your strata council and have fears of what will be expected of you, this workshop will help you make the decision.

Best Practices For Strata Secretaries

Saturday October 26, 2019

This workshop covers minutes, correspondence, PIPA, record keeping and requests for records, SPA forms, bylaw changes, how to write general meeting resolutions and more.

Strata Maintenance Plans

Saturday November 02, 2019

This popular workshop is designed for all condo, townhouse or bareland strata councillors, and will be particularly helpful to self-managed stratas. Of course, all stratas really are "self" managed!