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Supporting Strata Owners for Over 50 Years

The Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association (VISOA) is an independent, non-profit organization supported solely by membership fees. Formed in 1973, it is the longest-running organization of its kind in Canada. VISOA provides education, support, and advocacy for BC strata owners and strata corporations. Membership is open to any resident of BC, strata corporations (such as condominiums, town homes, bare land and commercial stratas), and businesses that provide goods and services to stratas. As part of its mandate, VISOA meets with government and industry associations, and sits on advisory panels to advocate for BC strata owners and strata corporations.

Volunteer with Us!

For over 50 years VISOA has been operated by volunteers who understand the need for an organization to provide education and support to strata owners in BC. Learn about volunteer positions on our Volunteer with Us page.


January 13, 2024: Watch the video: Electrical Planning Reports for Strata Corporations
January 20, 2024: Watch the video: A Landlord’s Guide to Communicating with Strata Councils
January 24, 2024: Watch the video: Electrical Planning Reports – A Guide for Professionals Working with BC Strata Corporations
February 25, 2024: VISOA Annual General Meeting & Webinar: How to Purchase Strata Insurance in BC

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See our blog post 2023: The Year in Review for BC Strata Owners. Learn about changes to the Strata Property Act and Regulations regarding age restriction bylaws, the Form B, electric vehicle charging, contributions to the contingency reserve fund, and electrical planning reports, as well as legislation relating to short-term accommodations and housing.

Electric Vehicle Charging for Stratas

Visit our page dedicated to Electric Vehicle Charging in Stratas. Find webinars, resources, and links to provide the information you need to install and manage electric vehicle (EV) chargers and charging systems in your strata corporation.

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  • Buying a Condo?

    Whether this is your first condo purchase or you’re a veteran of the business, we have the resources to help you make better decisions.

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  • Webinars & Workshops

    VISOA webinars provide relevant information and training to assist BC strata owners and councils in the smooth running of of their strata corporations. The Strata Property Act applies regardless of whether the strata is a duplex, small strata, condominiums, townhomes, commercial, mixed use or bare land stratas. Our guest speakers provide information, insight and tools for new and seasoned owners.

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  • Publications

    VISOA has put together a number of publications of practical use to the management of your strata.

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