VISOA is a non profit association of strata owners helping each other and we could not operate without our faithful volunteers.

What are some of the tasks we need help with?  If you are interested in volunteering as a board member you would take leadership roles in executive positions and/or other positions such as organizing seminars, overseeing memberships, developing Bulletins and publications, overseeing the website, etc.  For a list of our current board members click here.  

Our volunteers “at large” take on tasks such as helping out with our seminar registration (e.g. taking reservations and/or signing participants in at seminars); advertising; obtaining and maintaining individual and corporate memberships; recruiting and supporting business members; writing articles for our Bulletins; helping to develop publications; photography and videos; updating the website; and the list goes on.  

If you would like to help other strata owners then consider joining our “at large” volunteer team or become a board member.  You can email president@visoa.bc.ca  or contact us by phone (1-877-338-4762).  Share your talents to keep VISOA strong.

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