Volunteer with us!

VISOA is a non profit society. VISOA is unique in that our board members are volunteers and receive no remuneration. For 49 years VISOA has been operated by volunteers with the knowledge, expertise and passion to help other strata owners. Since 2013, VISOA has employed two part-time staff for processing memberships, data entry and other administrative tasks.

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit an application indicating your interests and experience. Here are a few examples of volunteer positions and tasks:

  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Bulletin editor
  • Writing articles for the Bulletin, blog posts and social media
  • Editing, updating publications
  • Updating website
  • Booking event rooms, organizing seminars
  • Greeting and refreshments at in-person events
  • Video recording and sound at in-person seminars
  • Video and audio editing of seminars and webinars
  • Office support, assisting the office administrator
  • Strata Support Team (requires a high level of knowledge about the Strata Property Act and other legislation)
  • Board member
  • Or pitch your idea of how your skills can help VISOA

Complete our secure online volunteer application form or contact us by email: volunteerco@visoa.bc.ca

Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Member is an honorific title awarded by the Board which does not confer voting rights.

At the AGM in 2015, members passed the following criteria for awarding Honorary Life Membership:

  • Strength of commitment to VISOA members and evidence of long-term volunteer service, and/or
  • Length of service as a Board Member will be taken into consideration.

VISOA’s Honorary Life Members are:

Tony Davis (2015)
Cleve Patterson (2015)
Elsie Lockert (2015)
Harvey Williams (2015)
Linda Thompson (2016)
Claudio Procopio (2016)
Sandy Wagner (2020)
David Grubb (2022)
John Webb (2022)

Thank you to these incredible volunteers for their exemplary contributions over the years.

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