Strata Advocacy

The Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association advances the interests of strata lot owners to provincial, regional and municipal governments.

When changes to the Strata Property Act are needed the VISOA gets involved.  For example, in  2008, we conducted public meetings with strata owners and identified 30 specific concerns of strata owners.  Those concerns were included in the resulting VISOA report that recommended a comprehensive and public review of B.C.’s strata property legislation. The report (Beyond the Sales Pitch: Ensuring Transparency and Accountability in BC Strata Developments ) was presented to government, distributed widely in the province and is posted below along with many other VISOA advocacy documents.

Be sure to check out the “Resource Links” page for up-to-date versions of the Strata Property Act and Regulations as well as other useful documents.

What You Can Do

If you have concerns about current strata legislation, write to your MLA and call the MLA’s office and ask for a meeting to talk about it. It would be most helpful if you write to the Premier, the Minister of Housing (in the case of the Strata Property Act issues) and the Minister of Finance (in the case of strata manager or strata developer issues) to express your views.In spite of VISOA’s representations on your behalf, politicians will not address even the most serious problems with strata legislation until they get pressure from enough voters. A letter to the editor of your local newspaper would also be helpful, as some politicians don’t believe something is an issue until they see or hear it in the media. You can also express your views on a call-in show offered by your local radio station.  You can find the name and contact information for your MLA under “Members” at

The addresses for the Premier and Ministers are:

Honourable John Horgan

Honourable Selina Robinson
Minister of Municipal Affairs and  Housing

Honourable Carole James
Minister of Finance and Deputy Premier

 Honourable David Eby, Q.C.
Attorney General

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