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The following sites and publications have been selected for your convenience and information.

Strata Property Act, Regulations & Residential Tenancy Act

  1. Changes to Strata Legislation (2011 to Nov 25, 2022)
  2. Strata Property Act & Standard Bylaws (updated Nov 25, 2022)
  3. Strata Property Act Regulation (including forms)
  4. BC Government Strata Housing website
  5. Strata Housing website “Find it Fast” site map
  6. Renting in Stratas: Landlords and Strata Corporations
  7. Short-term Rental Bylaws
  8. Strata Age-Restriction Bylaws
  9. Conducting an annual or special general meeting (including electronic meetings)
  10. An Index to the Strata Property Act, Regulation and Standard Bylaws (to be updated shortly)
  11. Form B – Information Certificate
  12. Form K – Notice of Tenant’s Responsibilities
  13. Residential Tenancy Act
  14. Residential Tenancy Policy Guideline 27 (Eviction by strata corporation – page 9)
  15. Bare Land Strata Regulations
  16. About the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate (OSRE)
  17. Land Title Act
  18. Strata Property Act Instruction Guides (Out of date, Archived)
  19. Condominium Act (Repealed)
  20. COVID: Summary of Orders and Changes to Strata Legislation March-August 2020

Extreme Heat

  1. Extreme Heat (City of Victoria information and cooling centres)
  2. Stay Cool at Home in Extreme Heat (Saanich poster)
  3. Saanich website: Climate Adaptation to Heat and Smoke
  4. PreparedBC: Extreme Heat Preparedness Guide
  5. PreparedBC webpage: Be prepared for extreme heat
  6. Cooling Systems for Strata Owners (VISOA webinar video)
  7. Top 10 Tips for Heat Pump Bylaws for Stratas (VISOA video)
  8. How New Windows Can Save Money and Lives in Stratas (VISOA webinar video)
  9. Handouts and resources from the webinars above
  10. VISOA 2022 Survey results: 2021 Heatwave and Housing Adaptation
  11. FireSmart BC Toolkit


  1. BC Strata Housing website: COVID-19 and Strata Housing
  2. General Meetings Best Practices (as of Nov 2021) (by Shawn M. Smith, Cleveland Doan LLP)
  3. BC Government Orders and Notices
  4. BC’s Response to COVID-19: Booster shots, Proof of vaccination, Travel requirements, and more
  5. Government of Canada Support for Individuals and Businesses
  6. BC Centre for Disease Control: COVID-19


  1. Insurance for Strata Corporations and Strata Owners
  2. Insurance Brokers Association of BC: Bulletin – 2020 Strata Insurance Premium Increases
  3. Canada Construction Cost Forecast May 2021, by Normac Appraisals Ltd.
  4. Choosing Strata Insurance, by Seafirst Insurance


  1. Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  2. Privacy Guidelines for Strata Corporations and Strata Agents (updated 2022)
  3. Privacy policy template for stratas
  4. OIPC PrivacyRight Educational Webinars and materials
  5. Podcast: Strata privacy: rights, cameras and taking action

Strata Property Managers

  1. Working with a Strata Management Company
  2. Verify the license status of a strata agent
  3. Selecting a strata manager (Includes a “Request For Proposal” form)
  4. Management Company Ratings
  5. Form: Payment and Benefits Disclosure Information for Strata Corporations

Real Estate

  1. Real Estate Services Act, Regulations, Rules, Bylaws and Policy Statements
  2. Real Estate Development Marketing Act
  3. BC Financial Services Authority
  4. Legislative Change to Create a Single Financial Services Regulator (Mar 2, 2021)
  5. Understanding Pre-Sale Purchases
  6. BC Real Estate Association
  7. Real Estate Council of British Columbia
  8. Real Estate Institute of Canada
  9. BC Land Title and Survey Authority
  10. Form: Request for Strata Corporation Records and Documents

Legal Resources

  1. Civil Resolution Tribunal 
  2. Civil Resolution Tribunal decisions
  3. CanLII, search all BC and Canadian court and tribunal decisions
  4. BC Human Rights Tribunal
  5. Cleveland Doan LLP blog
  6. Strata Alert blog
  7. Clark Wilson LLP news
  8. “The Condominium Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to the Strata Property Act” by Mike Mangan, B.A. LL.B.
  9. Strata Property Act “A Practical Guide to Bylaws” 7th Edition, by Stratasphere
  10. Lawyer Referral Services
  11. Law Society of British Columbia’s Lawyer Directory
  12. Clicklaw


  1. Glossary of Common Strata Terms
  2. Strata Document Retention Guide
  3. Strata Commons Forum – connect with other strata owners
  4. Indemnity Agreement for Strata Lot and Common Property Alterations
  5. Alteration and Indemnity Agreement Checklist
  6. Sample RFP for Depreciation Report for condo strata and townhouse strata
  7. Better Business Bureau
  8. Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Guideline Nov 2019 by Firewise Consulting Ltd.
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