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The following sites and publications have been selected for your convenience and information.

COVID-19 Resources

Guidance regarding meetings and governance:

  1. BC Strata Housing website: COVID-19 and Strata Housing
    1. COVID-19 Information for Strata Housing
    2. COVID-19 Links for Strata Housing
  2. Resources prepared by Shawn M. Smith, Cleveland Doan
    1. COVID-19 and Strata Corporations
    2. Guidance regarding AGMs and SGMs
    3. Strata AGMs Tips for Electronic and Limited Proxy Meetings – Webinar Slides
    4. General Meeting cover page
    5. Proxy Appointment_Restricted
    6. Sample AGM Resolution re election of council
  3. Volunteering during COVID-19: Guidelines for Visiting and Resident Volunteers
  4. Real Estate Council of BC Guidance for Strata Managers
  5. RECBC Return to Safe Work Plan: A Checklist for Managing Brokers in Rental Property and Strata Management Brokerages

Information and Posters for Stratas:

  1. COVID-19: Cleaning and Precautions for Multi-unit Residential Buildings
  2. COVID-19: List of hard-surface disinfectants for use against coronavirus
  3. Poster: Tips for residents of apartments and other multi-unit buildings
  4. Poster: COVID19-Prevention
  5. Poster: Self-isolation Do’s and Don’ts
  6. Poster: How to Isolate at Home
  7. Poster: Handwashing
  8. Poster: Physical Distancing
  9. Poster: Elevator Etiquette
  10. Poster: Using Shared Laundry Facilities

Government Information and Programs:

  1. BC Centre for Disease Control: COVID-19
  2. BC Support App and COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool
  3. BC Government News and Statements
  4. BC Government Orders and Notices
  5. BC Provincial Support and Information
  6. Government of Canada Support for Individuals and Businesses
  7. Support for Renters and Landlords
  8. Managing COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Strata Property Act & Regulations

  1. SPA – “Find It Fast”
  2. Strata website (new 2015):
  3. Strata Property Act & Standard Bylaws
  4. Strata Property Act Regulations (including forms) 
  5. Strata Property Act Instruction Guides (Archived, Item #1 replaced Guides)
  6. Bare Land Strata Regulations
  7. An Index to the Strata Property Act
  8. Financial Institutions Commission, responsibilities for the Strata Property Act
  9. Condominium Act (Repealed)


  1. Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA)
  2. Privacy Guidelines for Strata Corporations and Strata Agents
  3. PIPA and Strata Corporations: Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Privacy Policy Template
  5. OIPC PrivacyRight Educational Webinars and materials
  6. Podcast: Strata privacy: rights, cameras and taking action

Management Company Information

  1. Working with a Strata Management Company
  2. Verify the license status of a strata agent
  3. Selecting a strata manager (Includes a “Request For Proposal” form)
  4. Management Company Ratings

Real Estate

  1. Real Estate Services Act, Regulations, Rules, Bylaws and Policy Statements
  2. Real Estate Development Marketing Act
  3. BC Real Estate Association
  4. Real Estate Council of British Columbia
  5. Real Estate Institute of Canada
  6. BC Land Title and Survey Authority
  7. Strata Document Request Form, for buyers/sellers

Better Business Bureau Link

1. Better Business Bureau -Vancouver Island Communities

Depreciation Report Proposals

  1. Sample request for proposal form for apartment type stratas
  2. Sample request for proposal form for town house type stratas


  1. Glossary of Common Strata Terms
  2. Clark Wilson LLP site, useful FAQs on strata legal issues.
  3. The Condominium Manual: A Comprehensive Guide to the Strata Property Act by Mike Mangan, B.A. LL.B. Order a copy.
  4. Condo Information Centre , a lot of the information is about condo living in Ontario, but it has useful information for buyers and owners.
  5. BeforeYouBuyACondo , contains useful advice on the positive and negative aspects of condo life as well as tips on dealing with realtors and lawyers.
  6. Lawyer Referral Services
  7. Preface to the Forms and Precedents pages
  8. Indemnity Agreement for Strata Lot and Common Property Alterations
  9. Alteration and Indemnity Agreement Checklist
  10. Strata Property Act “A Practical Guide to Bylaws 7th Edition, May 2014. 
    Published by Stratasphere Condominium Services. 
    To order contact
  11. Choosing Strata Insurance, a publication by Seafirst Insurance, download here
  12. Is Strata Living for Me“, a VISOA publication to help first time strata buyers.
  13. Website for supporting strata legislation reform
  14. Buying a Condominium, information useful to first time buyers
  15. Owning a Condominium, Canadian Bar Association – BC Branch
  16. Real Estate Institute of BC – Strata Governance Certificate Program
  17. Strata Commons Forum for strata owners to connect with members in other stratas to exchange tips and experiences
  18. Firewise Consulting Ltd.’s Fire Alarm System Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Guideline Nov 2019
  19. Insurance Brokers Association of BC’s Bulletin – 2020 Strata Insurance Premium Increases_
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