Frequently Asked Strata Questions – FAQs

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Here you’ll find hundreds of answers to questions about stratas in British Columbia, in over 35 categories. From insurance to pets to condo council responsibilities, you’ll probably find what you need.  And if not, and your question is of a generic nature, use our handy form to submit a question. However, if your question is specific to a situation in your strata, please go to our Strata Support Team page  and send the team your details.

Please check out the FAQs before contacting the Strata Support Team.
This will save both you and our Strata Support Team volunteers some valuable time.

The VISOA Strata Support Team is staffed by volunteers who are familiar with the Strata Property Act and who are experienced in dealing with strata issues. The information provided is their best judgment and should not be construed as either legal or technical advice. For legal or technical advice, you should contact a lawyer or persons legally qualified to give advice within their field of expertise.


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