Strata Seminars and Workshops on Vancouver Island

Strata Seminars

VISOA is committed to providing relevant and topical information necessary to the smooth running of stratas. VISOA holds 5 or more seminars annually across Vancouver Island on topics of general interest to owners of condominiums, townhomes, and bare land stratas. Guest speakers are experts on strata ownership issues such as:

  • preparing a depreciation report
  • insuring strata property
  • the nuts and bolts of strata condo living
  • hiring a strata management company

We allow plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. The seminars also allow strata owners to share their individual experiences and learn from each other.  VISOA members and non-members can attend for a nominal fee.

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Strata Workshops

VISOA is committed to providing relevant and topical information for new Council members and those who want to upgrade their skills. The focus in on the smooth running of Island stratas and assisting in the skill development of Council Members. Workshops for new council members, treasurers, secretaries are offered each year.

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Seminar Handouts & Speakers’ Notes

Our Guest Speakers frequently allow us to share their notes or handouts with our members.  Other handouts are also provided at some seminars.

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