Publications for British Columbia Strata Owners

We sell a wide range of publications to help strata owners in British Columbia, including digitized versions of our VISOA publications, so you can read them on your tablet or smartphone. Whether you need help with budgets or running better meetings, you’ll find something useful.

Publications that have a “Select Options” button are available in digital and print formats.

paypal-credit-cardsWe accept payment by credit card, PayPal, or cheque for print copies of publications, but only credit card or PayPal for digital copies. Digital copies will not download if you attempt to pay by cheque.

When you download digital versions of these publications you will also be able to download the files to be used with these publications. After purchasing you will have 3 days to download your publication. Digital files are in PDF, Word or Excel format. If you have these applications on your computer or tablet you may click the “open with” option when you are downloading. Please use the “save as” option if you do not have these applications on your computer or tablet. If you are downloading to a Windows PC you may need to check your “downloads” folder for your digital publication.

Note: If you have purchased a VISOA publication (print or digital) that references the Strata Property Act Instruction Guides, please note that these guides are no longer being updated by the Provincial Government. The Guides are archived on the BC Government Strata Housing Website: strata-guides-archived

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