Publication: Management of the Contingency Reserve Fund


This guide includes suggestions to help your strata corporation mange its contingency reserve fund. Includes the Depreciation Report Analyzer Excel worksheets for analyzing and using your depreciation report.


You’ve received your depreciation report identifying major repairs and renewals over the next 30 years. Now what? How much should your strata owners contribute to the contingency reserve fund (CRF)? Will there be special levies? How should the funds be invested? How do you keep track of the strata’s investments?

Management of the Contingency Reserve Fund answers these questions in a simple but comprehensive manner. It also includes the Depreciation Report Analyzer Excel worksheets with instructions. The Depreciation Report Analyzer is a user-friendly tool for exploring different funding possibilities to meet future expenditures as well as to formulate detailed maintenance plans based on depreciation reports. No prior knowledge of Excel is required to use it, but users who are familiar with the program will find that it provides a great deal of flexibility to explore and compare alternative plans.

The digital version also includes:

    • CRF Liquidity Analyzer Excel workbook with instructions
    • CRF Monthly Expenditure Plan Excel workbook with instructions

Dr. Cleveland S. Patterson, an Emeritus Professor of Finance and a former member of VISOA’s board of directors is the author as well as the creator of the Depreciation Report Analyzer, Liquidity Analyzer, and Monthly Expenditure Plan workbooks.

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