​ New fine for short term rentals for stratas

There are changes in the regulations (7.1) which will allow stratas to fine $1,000 per day if someone contravenes an anti-short term rental bylaw.

VISOA has been made aware that:

  • Some stratas do not realize this doesn’t become effective until November 30, 2018.
  • The strata must have a bylaw in the first place which prevents or regulates short term rentals so that the regulation can be applied.
  • The government has not defined “short term rental” other than indicating they are “vacation, travel or temporary accommodation” for remuneration. The government has done this deliberately because some stratas which permit this use may agree only to two nights, or to two weeks. Importantly, the “rental” cannot be more than a month, because then the Residential Tenancy Act kicks in and the “landlord” and “tenant” have considerably more responsibilities.

Attached, for your information is:

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