[Archived] Vaccination Passports Required for Events of All Sizes

AGMs and SGMs[Blog post dated December 23, 2021. See newer blog posts for updated information about COVID restrictions.]

Since October 2021 strata corporations have been required to check proof of vaccination for indoor events of more than 50 people. As of December 17, 2021 the requirement was updated to apply to events of all sizes. The province introduced measures to address rising COVID-19 case counts and keep people safe.

Additional restrictions were in effect from December 22, 2021 until February 16, 2022. See the December 21, 2021 news release. The complete wording is in the Gatherings and Events order (Dec 22). Below is a summary of key points for strata corporations. Be sure to also check the details of certain regional restrictions.

All social gatherings such as holiday parties and New Year’s Eve parties of any size, that are not in a private residence, must be cancelled. Neither owners nor the strata corporation may host social events in common areas.

Private residences. Gatherings within a strata lot are limited to the occupants of the strata lot plus the greater of 10 people or one other household. All persons attending gatherings in a strata lot must be vaccinated.

AGMs, SGMs, council meetings and hearings. These meetings are considered indoor business events, not social gatherings. The strata corporation is the “organizer” of the event.

  • All persons age 12 and older attending these indoor events must be fully vaccinated, regardless of the size of the event.
  • The venue can only be filled to 50% capacity.
  • The organizer is required to check both the person’s identification and their vaccine card.
  • The organizer must refuse entry to anyone who has not provided proof of vaccination.
  • Starting December 31, 2021, an organizer must scan the QR code on a vaccine card in order to determine whether a participant is vaccinated.
  • There is only one app approved. It’s called the “BC Vaccine Card Verifier App”. Download it for free. It works on smartphones and tablets.
  • All other apps or tools are prohibited.
  • The organizer must not retain proof of vaccination or use it for any purpose other than to confirm that a participant has been vaccinated (read the order for exceptions).
  • Toilet facilities and hand sanitation supplies must be provided.
  • Masks must be worn during the meeting.

This blog post will be updated if there are any changes to the orders. [Last update December 23, 2021]


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