Would you like to see legislative changes to allow electronic meetings?

As you may be aware, strata corporations normally require a bylaw to allow them to hold AGMs and SGMs electronically. Due to the pandemic, strata corporations have been permitted to hold these meetings electronically without a bylaw. However, this provision was temporary and will end on December 31, 2021.

If you have concerns about this deadline, you may send an email to the premier at premier@gov.bc.ca encouraging amendments to the Strata Property Act and Standard Bylaws.

Removing two words from section 49(1) of the Strata Property Act would allow all strata corporations to hold general meetings electronically without the requirement for a bylaw.

SPA 49(1) A strata corporation may, by bylaw, provide for attendance at an annual or special general meeting by telephone or any other method, if the method permits all persons participating in the meeting to communicate with each other during the meeting.

This would give strata corporations flexibility to choose the format that best serves their owners at any given time. If they wish, strata corporations could still adopt bylaws about meeting procedures.

Changes to the wording of Standard Bylaw 27 would be helpful to resolve issues with the difficulty of voting using voting cards and secret ballots at electronic meetings. For example, “secret ballot” could be changed to “written or electronic ballot”, just “ballot”, or some other wording that would be compatible with voting methods that are possible in an electronic meeting.

VISOA and CHOA also support strata owners in encouraging the provincial government to include BC’s 32,000 strata corporations in public orders. Clarity about which orders affect strata corporations would reduce confusion and assist owners and councils in making informed decisions.

Send an email to the Premier at: premier@gov.bc.ca

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