Shape the Future of VISOA

VISOA needs your input!

2020 has been a year that has made all of us, on both a personal level and in our roles within businesses and organizations, evaluate how we can connect with one another, rethink how we do things, and push us to be innovative.

The VISOA Board of Directors are currently working on a new strategic plan. We invite you to take a short survey and submit it by December 27. This will help us improve our services for members and the general public and ensure the health and vitality of VISOA for many years to come.

Your completed survey will be sent directly to our facilitator at Frank Growth Solutions for compilation. The survey only takes a few minutes and does not collect any personal information or email addresses. However, if you wish, you may identify yourself by typing your name at the beginning of each response.

Thank you.

VISOA Board of Directors

VISOA (Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association) is a registered non-profit society in British Columbia, fully run by volunteers. Formed in 1973, it is the longest-running organization of its kind in Canada. VISOA provides education, support, and advocacy for BC strata owners and strata corporations (such as condominiums, town homes, bare land and commercial stratas). Business memberships are available to businesses that provide goods and services to stratas. As part of its mandate, VISOA meets with government and industry associations, and sits on advisory panels to advocate for BC strata owners and strata corporations.


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