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Dryer Duct Cleaning & Maintenance for Vancouver Island Stratas
5801 Parkway Drive
Nanaimo, BC V9R 5K9
Serving: All Stratas on Vancouver Island

Les Topolewski , Owner

Telephone: 1-866-447-0099 ·Fax: (none)

Covid 19 situation

We’re Going to be Okay.

TSS Cleaning Services would like to inform all of our clients that we will continue work as usual. We do Dryer Duct Cleaning, even in such difficult situations as this global pandemic. We think it is important to prevent fires by maintaining and cleaning dryer ducts.
We don’t need to have contact with our clients.  All cleaning can be done from  outside the house.  For any type of communication we can use the Internet.
Please don’t put Fire Safety on hold, it could add even more problems than we all already have.

Les Topelewski, Owner

TSS Cleaning Services is serving Vancouver Island since 1998. We are professionals in: Dryer vent and HVAC duct cleaning. We also do duct repair, new installation, video inspection, reports and more.

We are fully Insured and have WorkSafeBC coverage. Our focus is mostly working with Strata Owners and Property Management companies.

We are the only one to offer FREE video inspection of cleaned dryer ducts, this is our Unique Guarantee.

Testimonial From a satisfied customer:

To Whom It May Concern:
This letter serves as a testimonial to the exceptional performance in services provided by Les Topolewski and his team at TSS Cleaning Services of Nanaimo, BC.

Our Strata Plan VIS 6786 in Langford, BC has had the pleasure of working with TSS Cleaning Services for the past three years (2013, 2014 and 2015).  Each March, Les has worked closely with our Strata Council to ensure the professional cleaning of our full strata development’s dryer vent ducts.  The services Les and his team have provided during their interactions with us have always been professional, timely, knowledgeable and complete.  The expertise TSS Cleaning Services delivers is second-to-none.  In fact, without his team’s thorough review, we would not have discovered three separate missing dumpers which the originally developer overlooked upon completion of the strata property.  Les quickly advised us of the missing dumpers so that we could address the situation immediately.

Our Strata Council would not hesitate to recommend TSS Cleaning Services to anyone who is looking for professional cleaning services of their dryer vent ducts.

Carmelle Whiteley
Jacklin Heights Strata Council

Our 15 unit townhouse complex in Victoria recently had dryer vent cleaning done by a company we found through the VISOA website. The company’s name is TSS Cleaning Services.

We chose TSS because the proprietor, Les Topolewski impressed us that he would do a thorough job and do it safely. Worker safety on our site is very important to us.

What we were looking for was a service provider that cleaned dryer vents from both the inside and the outside, which TSS does. TSS is one of only a handful that uses that thorough approach.

On the scheduled day of service Les arrived on time, fully prepared. His equipment is top notch and his assistant worked hard to help Les get the work done safely.

I would recommend TSS Cleaning Services to any strata complex looking for high quality work done right the first time.

VP of strata XXXX
Sept. 2013

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