Strata Owners Portal For Self-Managed Stratas

Simple Strata Solutions, Inc is located in downtown Victoria, BC. , BC

Sean Jordan, Founder/CEO

Telephone: 250-412-6595·Fax: (None)

Own Your Data Forever with the StrataPress Strata Owners Portal for Self-Managed Stratas

Founded in 2017, Simple Strata Solutions Inc. introduced, a groundbreaking strata management platform specially tailored for self-managed strata corporations in British Columbia. With a deep-rooted commitment to optimizing document management processes for the strata community, our innovative platform stands as a testament to this dedication.

Benefits of StrataPress for Self-managed Strata Owners:

Efficient Document Management: offers a proven document sales system, having already processed more than 30,000 document requests. It’s designed to generate, distribute, and sell strata documents seamlessly, ensuring zero costs and zero revenue loss.

Strata Owners Portal: As a self-managed strata owner, enjoy the convenience of the StrataPress Strata Owners Portal. This interactive dashboard-style website offers quick and easy access to all your strata records and documents in addition to a transparent communication platform that is used by over 25,000 Strata Owners in BC to communicate with their strata council and management.

Instant Access for Professionals: Strata Councils can instantly make strata documents available for purchase, catering to the needs of Realtors, Lawyers, and Notaries. With over 4,000 registered professionals already using our service, StrataPress bridges the gap between strata document providers and their potential clientele.

StrataPress is for all strata development types:

  • Generate Revenue for your Strata
  • Manage and Distribute and Archive Strata Documents
  • Generate Compliant Form B and Form F Certificates in minutes
  • Provide Transparent Communication for Strata Owners
  • Robust Booking / Meeting Calendar
  • Create Amenity Bookings
  • Correspondence Print Out for Meetings
  • Create Polls and Discussions
  • Track Email Notifications
  • Bounced Email Reports
  • Export Property Data
  • Seamlessly Switch to Professional Management
  • Secure 24/7 monitoring & dedicated support

All data servers and backups are located in Canada.

Our mission extends beyond mere document management. StrataPress aims to be the definitive hub for strata homeowners across British Columbia. We champion strata council education, vendor sourcing, procurement services, and provide easy routes to professional management and legal services.

Join the growing community of strata owners who trust StrataPress as their go-to platform for all their strata management needs. Experience a holistic solution designed to address the unique challenges faced by self-managed strata corporations. Your strata management, simplified.

Questions? Want to book a demo? Start a live chat at or call 250-412-6595.

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