Oakwood Property Management Ltd.

Property Management (Strata, Co-op, Rentals)
326, 1095 McKenzie Ave.
Victoria, BC V8P 2L5
Serving: Greater Victoria

Carol Dobell, Owner

Telephone: 250-704-4391 ·Fax: 250-704-4440

Every Strata Corporation is part community, with distinctive characteristics, striving to maintain the quality of life; part business, managing funds and facilities for homeowners; and part government, providing representative decision-making as well as enforcing the rules and regulations of the Strata Corporation.

We realize homeowners make substantial emotional and financial investments in their homes and communities. Homeowners have high expectations regarding the maintenance of common areas and facilities enhancing the value of their homes and communities, and many other issues related to the quality of community life.

The Strata Council volunteers their time and energy without compensation for the benefit of the entire community. Often this can be a time consuming and thankless job. It is the responsibility of the Property Manager to support the Strata Council and to minimize the disruption of their lives caused by their service to the community. The Property Manager also acts a buffer between residents in the enforcement of the By-laws of the Strata Corporation.

To meet the expectations, demands and responsibilities of the homeowners and Strata Councils, an effective Strata Property Manager must possess a wide range of knowledge in a variety of areas including finance, laws and regulations, maintenance, insurance and personnel management. At Oakwood Property Management our staff are professional, educated and diligent in their efforts to stay abreast of industry standards and the ever changing laws.   We believe integrity, honesty and hard work are central to successful client relationships.

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