Good Counsel Inc.

Strata Management Brokerage
734 Aldebury Street, Unit 202
Victoria, BC V9A 5T4
Serving: Serving the Greater Victoria Region

Derek Pinto, Owner & Managing Broker

Telephone: 778-650-6353 ·

Greetings from Good Counsel – the South island’s fresh and dynamic addition to the strata management scene!
Since obtaining our license in late 2023, we’ve been eagerly gearing up to offer unparalleled service to our inaugural clients. Let us share why partnering with Good Counsel is a smart choice for your strata.

Why Opt for Good Counsel?
Innovative and Efficient Management: Our approach is thoroughly modern. By harnessing cutting-edge software, we significantly streamline workflow, directly benefiting our clients. Enjoy round-the-clock online access to all your strata records and contact details – convenience at your fingertips!

Tailored Services Just for You: Recognizing that no two stratas are the same, we offer customized services. You’ll only pay for what you need. Our flexible approach is designed to deliver top-quality service without burdening you with superfluous costs.

Swift Resolution of Complex Issues: Complex, long-standing problems in your strata? Worry not! We specialize in unraveling and resolving such issues promptly – and we relish the challenge!

Annual Community Engagement: We believe in community spirit. That’s why, once a year, our team rolls up their sleeves and joins your strata for a communal clean-up followed by a friendly barbeque. It’s our way of getting to know you and your property better.

Expertise in the Strata Property Act and Governance: Navigating the complexities of strata legislation can be daunting. Our strata managers aren’t just licensed; they’re well-versed in the intricacies of the Strata Property Act, having diligently studied the extensive materials, and aced the exams. Also, all Good Counsel staff are trained in proper governance and democratic procedures. This expertise is crucial for the smooth operation of your strata’s democratic processes. All our staff participate in weekly continuing education.

Good Counsel is a Benefit Company: A for-profit company that commits to conducting its business in a responsible and sustainable way and promotes one or more public benefits.

Ready to Connect?
Curious to discover how we can enhance your strata living? Feel free to reach out at or visit our website at for a personalized consultation.

Join us in redefining strata living, where community, convenience, and customized care seamlessly intertwine.

Warm regards,
Derek Pinto
Managing Broker, Licensed Strata Manager, & Owner
Good Counsel Inc.
778 650 6353

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