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Electric Vehicle Charging Consulting

Vancouver, BC
Serving: Serving Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland; Offices in Victoria and Vancouver, BC

John Stonier, President

Telephone: 604-899-9482 ·electricadvantage.ca

Ensuring your strata’s EV charging project is completed on a cost-effective basis and functionally prepared for an EV future is a complex process that requires navigating a wide variety of issues. We provide professional advisory services to bring the project along and enable the strata council and owners to make informed decisions to achieve the best outcome.

As independent advisors, we ensure the strata obtains the best value from its electrical and equipment providers.

Our services include:

Getting to Yes

  • Project review and configuration, coordinating with your electrical contractor
  • Project budgeting, cash flow and configuration analysis.
  • Project information and outreach to owners
  • SGM/AGM support for project approval
  • EV charging by-law and rules

Project Management

  • Federal grant writing
  • Project Management: final configuration, contractor management, competitive Request For Proposal (RFP) process, through commissioning and hand-over.

Ongoing management services:

  • Operations advisory
  • Annual operational reviews, budget and recommendations
  • Carbon credit administration and trading.

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