Edwards Electric (2003) Ltd.

Electrical Contractor
3 - 6820 Veyaness
Saanichton, BC V8M 2A8
Serving: Serving South Vancouver Island, including the Gulf Islands and the mainland.

Lee MacFarlane, Project Manager

Telephone: 250-652-9166 ·www.edwardselectric.net

Edwards Electric (2003) Ltd. takes pride in bringing our clients exceptional customer service and value to a broad range of commercial, residential and industrial electrical projects. Our success is attributed to motivated professionals who constantly deliver superior workmanship, generate warm friendly client relations, and repeatedly attain and exceed project expectations on all levels. We service the southern part of Vancouver Island, including the Gulf Islands and Mainland. With unwavering integrity, astute communications, and depth of knowledge in all areas of the electrical business, Edwards Electric 2003 Ltd. is proud of the business we built for our clients of today and the associates of our future.

TSBC LEL0086152

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