Bell Real Estate Consultants

Client Focused Replacement Cost New Insurance Reports, Fully Insured & Legislation Compliant
2871 Meridian Avenue
Victoria, BC V9B 0V2
Serving: All of Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Lower mainland

Keith Bell, Designated Reserve Planner (DRP), Designated Appraiser, Residential (DAR)

Telephone: 250-514-3486·Fax: (None)

What We Offer…

  • Excellent Client Service
  • Affordable, Superior Fee Structure
  • Serving All of Vancouver Island & the Gulf Islands
  • A Victoria firm that understands the needs of our local residents!
  • Replacement Cost New Insurance Appraisals
  • Strata Town Homes and Condominium Developments
  • Single Family, Duplex, Triplex, Fourplex, Fiveplex Buildings
  • Commercial & Co-Op Developments

Residential Market Value Appraisals

Our appraisers have inspected thousands of properties of every variety. We are fully insured and British Columbia Legislation compliant. We offer superior client service, superior fee structure, free quotes, and a superior final report.

We understand the needs of our residents.  We offer our services throughout Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, and the Lower Mainland.

We have lower overhead than others in the field which translates into lower costs for you! Call or e-mail today to arrange your free, no obligation quote!

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