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An Insightful Guide to the Strata Property Act / by Gerry Fanaken (2013)


An Insightful Guide to the Strata Property Act / by Gerry Fanaken (2013)

Written by Gerry Fanaken, this new publication covers a very wide gamut of strata corporation administrative issues and topics. Unlike other books on the market this informative guidebook addresses the subject in three ways – 1. What does the Strata
Property Act say; 2. How should strata councils, property managers and condo owners fulfill their obligations; and 3. What are the common mistakes to avoid in order to minimize problems. Additionally, Fanaken offers unique insights about the history of
strata corporation administration over the past four decades including changes to the evolving legislation, management company practices, government regulatory requirements, real estate agent interaction and much more.

Gerry Fanaken has over the years written hundreds of articles on strata administration and several guidebooks. Shortly after the Strata Property Act became law in July 2000, he wrote The New Condominium Concept (Revised): An Examination of the Strata Property Act. Since that time, there have been amendments to the legislation, many court decisions and new interpretations of the legislative requirements. His new book delves into all aspects. It is written for use by strata councils, property managers, students in property management courses, condo owners, and the general public. Although it is not a legal textbook, lawyers and notaries will find useful comments and practical advice that may assist them in fulfilling their professional obligations when the need arises.

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