VISOA bulletins are published four times per year and contain articles on specific topics of interest to stratas and individuals.

1. Have an idea for a Bulletin article?
Want to request a topic to be discussed?  Want to submit an article for publication?  Please contact us at Dear Editor

2. Index:
Looking for an article on a specific topic? Check out Bulletin Index-Aug 2018
DISCLAIMER:  Please note that some articles, due to changes to the Strata Property Act, may be outdated.   

3. To view a Bulletin:
Click on the bulletin date you want.

Once it opens you can print it off and/or save it to your computer.

  • For Bulletins published since 2010 click here.  
  • For Bulletins published prior to 2010 click here.

4. Having trouble downloading Bulletins?

  • All bulletins are in Adobe PDF format.  To download the latest version of the Adobe Reader application click download. 
  • Still having trouble?  Just “right click” on the Bulletin you want and save it to your hard drive.  You should be able to open it there.

5.  Bulletin Subscriptions – Members:
VISOA provides four information-packed bulletins each year.  

  • Corporate membership fees include emailed bulletins to up to 4 council members as well as to a strata email address if the strata has one (e.g. strataplanxxxx@gmail.com).
  • Individual and associate membership fees include emailed bulletins.
  • Printed copies of VISOA Bulletins are available to members for $15 annually per the address on their application form when ordered at the time of joining and/or renewing.

6. Bulletin Subscriptions – Non-members:
Non- members (or members who want to have Bulletins sent to their own address) may subscribe to our bulletins at the following rates:
By email: $15.00 per year and by postal mail $25.00 per year
For more information and/or to order click here.

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