Have your say on common property, land titles, and fundamental changes for stratas

The British Columbia Law Institute is asking the public to share its views on proposals to reform three important aspects of how strata properties are defined as interests in land.

“The Consultation Paper on Common Property, Land Titles, and Fundamental Changes for Stratas is the fifth and final consultation paper for the Strata Property Law Project—Phase Two,” said committee chair Patrick Williams. “In it the project committee is seeking public comment on proposals that touch on some of the building blocks of strata-property law, such as the meaning of common property, how strata plans fit into the subdivision-control system, and what the voting threshold should be to authorize transactions that fundamentally transform a strata property.”

The consultation paper has 25 tentative recommendations for reform, touching on: • common property: defining common property, long-term leases of common property, and parking stalls and storage lockers; • land titles: emerging issues in subdivision control, depicting common property and the vertical limits of limited common property, and certificates of payment; and • fundamental changes: voting thresholds for amending a strata plan, amending a schedule to a strata plan, and amalgamating strata corporations.

The full consultation paper, a summary consultation, a response booklet, a backgrounder, and a link to the survey are all available at Have Your Say.

The consultation is open until 28 February 2019.
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