HPO: Guide to Managing Renewals Projects in Multi-Residential Buildings

The HPO’s Guide to Managing Renewals Projects in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings provides practical information for owners, strata managers and strata council members to help manage the planning and implementation of renewals projects for multi-unit residential buildings.

As residential buildings age various components, materials and assemblies will need maintenance, repair, renewal or replacement. For example, roof membranes will need replacing, hallways and exteriors surfaces repainted and heating systems need ongoing maintenance.

Deciding what work is required, when and how it will be undertaken, who will perform it, and how to pay for it are all factors that make up the important maintenance and renewals planning process for multi-unit residential buildings.

Available online, the guide covers:

  • How buildings age
  • Tools for planning renewal projects
  • Budgeting for the work
  • How to communicate with homeowners
  • Risks, insurance coverage and warranties

Understanding the benefits of developing a comprehensive renewals program will ensure money is spent wisely, preserving the physical integrity and appearance of buildings, creating comfortable and enjoyable homes for residents and protecting owners’ real estate investments.


This guide was funded and commissioned by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing. Valuable input was provided by many organizations involved in the residential construction industry in British Columbia, home warranty providers and consumer, builder and real estate organizations. This Guide was prepared by RDH Building Engineering Ltd.

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