William J. Rhind & Associates

Banking Services
2628 Granville Street
Vancouver , BC V6H 4B4

Bart Bates, VP of business Development

Telephone: 604-732-3002·Fax: (None)

William J. Rhind and Associates are independent deposit brokers helping small businesses and strata corporations to obtain higher earnings on their investment funds, lower costs, improved convenience, and expert banking advice.

You are great at running your strata, but do you have the time, knowledge or leverage to negotiate with the big banks for a better deal? We do. Find out how you can get big business treatment for your small business accounts today.

We understand how banks work, it’s our job. We’ll help you negotiate better rates with the banks and achieve fairer outcomes should disputes arise. If you need credit now or in the future, we’ll help you submit the ideal package. The best part is all our advice and assistance is provided at no cost to you, the banks pay us to help you.



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