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Strata Units & Condominiums

Waterproofing is all we do….and you’ll find us on the roof, in the basements and crawlspaces, or on decks of many strata, apartments, and condominium complexes across BC.

Roofs and Building Membrane

One of the main issues for strata and condominium owners concerns the roofing and building membrane breaking down and leaking. This can cause severe damage to the structure and suites. Challenges often appear for properties with flat or low-pitched roofs.

The traditional methods used to seal the roofs (torch-on) don’t have the lifespan of more modern options. Repairing or re-doing the roof with the same process will be costly, could have insurance risks, and will leave you with the same shorter-term solution.

West Coast Waterproofing Ltd uses the latest technologies such as spray-applied polyurea. This provides long-lasting protection, has a much faster return to service time (less disruption for tenants and owners), and is most often more cost-effective.

Building Envelope and Foundations

The building envelope is the *outer shell that maintains a dry and leak-proof interior. Maintaining a dry or waterproof building interior includes everything from the foundations and slab to walls, decks, and more. We use many different methods to protect or solve water penetration.

  • Tanking: a membrane that goes under the floor and up the sides of walls.
  • Cracks in foundation walls can be treated and sealed from water leaks using a process called chemical grouting.
  • Walkways and decks can be sealed using spray-applied polyurea (a fast and long-lasting solution)

*When we are called in on a new project we have several methods for sealing foundations and buildings, the “outer shell.” For existing buildings experiencing water penetration or leaks sometimes a new solution can be applied on the inside of a foundation with positive results.

Pedestrian Traffic Coatings

Combining both safety and protection we can help your walkways and stairs be safer to use and longer-lasting. More details here.

Parking lots & Parkades

Many strata and condominium buildings have above-ground and below-ground parking. Under the parking can be additional parking, storage areas, mechanical rooms, and sometimes suites (especially if the building lot is on a slope. Parking lots and parkades are key areas where water leaks occur. The damages caused by these leaks can be everything from:

  • Damage to the paint on cars
  • Water damage to personal items in storage
  • Damage to suites
  • Structural damage due to cracks in the foundation or surface

We have the experience and products to solve and repair each of the above issues. We provide longer-lasting solutions, quicker return-to-use times, and often with cost savings.

Water Features & Fountains

Many Complexes or buildings like to have a water feature either out in front for great curb appeal, or in the back for a relaxing space often used by the residents. Using a our technology we can seal or repair a water feature so that it maintains water for years to come.

Ask us about how polyurea for your project can
save you both time and money. 

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