WAYPOINT Insurance (previously Vancouver Island Insurance Centres Ltd)

Commercial Insurance Specialist
601 - 5800 Turner Road
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6J4
Serving: 16 Branches - Victoria to Port Hardy and now in North Vancouver

Jennifer Adams, Commercial Line Sales and Development Manager

Telephone: 604-990-8350 ·waypointinsurance.ca


Waypoint Insurance has one of the largest commercial and residential insurance presences on Vancouver Island and have been providing insurance advice for over 100 years. We are insurance focused, and as such all investment goes into tools to support that focus.

We are large enough to offer Strata, Directors & Officers and Condo Owners programs and to have agreements with nearly 100 domestic and specialty insurance companies.

Vancouver Island is our home, our roots, and our business. We are honored to be a part of Vancouver Island communities and we want to see business thrive. We have 16 branches from Victoria to Port Hardy and just added a branch in North Vancouver. We are the best positioned insurance brokerage to serve VISOA members.

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