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As a condo owner or strata member painting can be very costly and take a lot of time and energy to complete. Everyone wants a quality job that looks great and will last.

We have all heard of painting horror stories. Paint can fail, projects take longer than expected and costs can escalade. Feeling like you’ve lost control of your painting project can add unwanted stress to your life.

If you want to make painting success a reality and beautify your home, Trusted House Painter can help put you at ease.

Our free online services will help condo owners and strata members execute successful projects by providing practical tools that help organize and communicate your needs to local painting companies. We make gathering quotes quick and easy for you. As a home owner you will have access to free downloadable resources and checklists to help you prepare for and plan a successful painting project.

Go to and in 3 easy steps you’ll be on your way to having a beautifully painted home or strata building!

  1. Download Homeowner Toolkit – Follow our steps to plan for success from start to finish.
  2. Post Your Project – Get started by communicating your painting needs for local painters.
  3. Get Quotes – Local painting companies interested in helping you will contact you.

Get started today at Your painting project will take a lot of time and energy and we want to help you make that a positive experience. Avoid unwanted stress of having a project go badly. Prepare and plan properly with our Home Owner Toolkit, Post Your Project and Get Quotes.

Trusted House Painter will help paint your world a better place!

Save time, money and stress and make painting your easiest project of the year.

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