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Depreciation Reports, Insurance Appraisals, Lot Maintenance, and Irrigation
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Rick Howard, Certified Reserve Fund Planner

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I am an Accredited Appraiser of the Canadian Institute (AACI P.App.), a Certified Reserve Fund Planner (CRP), and Certified Personal Property Appraiser (CPPA).  I have almost 25 years experience in the real estate appraisal profession and nearly 10 years as a Reserve Fund Planner.  IDB Solutions provides Depreciation Reports and Insurance Appraisals throughout Vancouver Island.  We also provide lot maintenance and irrigation services.

IDB Solutions Depreciation Report is a step-by-step report that incorporates clear explanations, comprehensive physical and financial analyses and valuable tools to assist clients in understanding and implementing effective reserve fund strategies.  Let IDB Solutions help you through the process of undertaking a Reserve Fund Study, the benefits of a well planned out Reserve Fund and understand the risks associated with an inadequate Reserve Fund Plan.

Your strata property is your investment, protect it.  Make sure your depreciation reports are prepared by an experienced, educated, third party professional who is fully licensed and insured.  Having your depreciation reports prepared by a Certified Reserve Fund Planner (CRP) ensures that your investment is being handled by a “qualified person”.

The Strata Property Act (SBS 1998) Chapter 43, Part 9 – Insurance, Sections 149 through 162 regulates the property insurance required for a strata corporation.  Our Insurance Appraisals comply with all legal requirements and are recognized by major insurance providers.  Recognizing that each property is unique, IDB Solutions uses the most current sources available which are specifically designed to insure the most accurate results while adhering to existing government and industry regulations.


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