Heat Savers Fireplace & Patio Co.

Fireplace Supply, Installation, & Service
2519 Government Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4P6
Serving: The Capital Region

Carmen Degelman, Owner

Telephone: 250-383-3512 ·www.feelthewarmth.ca

Located in Victoria, B.C – Heat Savers Fireplace & Patio Company has installed 1000’s of fireplaces, stoves and inserts and has been serving the Capital Region since 1982. We provide complete sales, installation and after-sales service with our own dedicated staff.

It is part of our philosophy that everyone deserves a comfortable home. In giving back to the community and expressing our support for the necessity of affordable housing, we are proud to support Habitat for Humanity and World Vision.

Heat Savers Fireplace & Patio Co. is proud to provide annual gas fireplace service to all brands we carry; ValorEnviroTown & CountryStuvPacific Energy & True North.  As an authorized dealer to these brands our service technicians get up to date training in all aspects of your fireplace to ensure they continue to operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.  Much like your automobile an annual service on your gas fireplace will ensure it operates like new, with peak performance and safety, allowing you to “feel the warmth” when you need it!

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