GROK EV Charger Services

EV Charger solution, design and installation; Building energy management
11214 Willow Road
North Saanich, BC V8L 5K6
Serving: Southern Vancouver Island

Doug Green, CEO

Telephone: 866-629-6661 ·

GROK’s EV Charger Services division provides turn-key electric vehicle charging solutions to Multi Unit Residential Buildings, Strata complexes, Commercial buildings, and public access spaces. We offer consulting, design, engineering, installation, commissioning, and service. Our solutions can include energy management, load sharing, billing, remote access, controlled access, and more – anything from the simplest, most basic ‘dumb charger’, all the way through to a fully networked system of ‘smart chargers’ providing fully enhanced functionality.

All of our solutions follow the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), ensuring that our installations are brand agnostic – systems can be expanded, changed, or added onto without being forced to stick with any particular brand of hardware or software.

Our goal is to install EV charging systems that can start small, and eventually be expanded to include ALL parking stalls in a facility, without having to remove any installed equipment or ‘start all over’ due to limitations in the design of the initial installation.

We ensure ALL applicable rebates are applied to every project, and we offer financing solutions to reduce or eliminate up-front costs.

Our team of engineers, consultants, licensed electricians, and customer care staff ensure GROK is your ONE-STOP resource for electric vehicle charging on Vancouver Island. Let us help YOU navigate the process of getting EV charging infrastructure in place, as painlessly as possible!

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