Clear Air Yard Care Inc.

Zero Emission Yard Care Powered by Solar Energy
932 Cobblestone Lane
Victoria, BC V8Y 3G3
Serving: Greater Victoria

Richard Larkin, President

Telephone: 250-889-5375 ·Fax: 250-658-1903

 Zero Emission Yard Care Powered by Solar Energy

“Our vision is to make a significant and measurable impact on the reduction of air and noise pollution from the landscape and yard care industry in Canada using renewable energy”

How would you like to have the very best landscape maintenance services, without the noise, without the gas & oil smells and pollution, all at a competitive price to your current provider?

At Clean Air Yard Care, we only use battery and electric equipment along with hand tools when we perform our maintenance services. All of our equipment is charged and powered by solar energy provided by our custom designed mobile solar trailers. We also only hire the best Horticulturally trained staff to ensure the quality and consistency of our work for you.

Strata property owners love Clean Air Yard Care once they have adopted our business model. The reduction in noise pollution and the elimination of carbon emissions from gasoline powered equipment puts owner’s minds, ears and lungs at ease!

We work directly with strata garden coordinators and/or property managers to care for your properties and to make your life more enjoyable. A multitude of environmentally responsible services are provided on a weekly basis that we guarantee are zero emission, quieter and organic in nature.

Property Management companies working for Strata’s to obtain yard care services will be seen as environmentally responsible, proactive and innovative. Those companies who are measuring their greenhouse gas emissions for annual reports will gladly acknowledge Clean Air Yard Care service providers as “Carbon Neutral” and “Zero Emission.”

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