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Why Have A Depreciation Report Done?
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Planning for Repairs and Replacement with a Depreciation Report takes more than a desire – it takes preparation, a plan and the use of an experienced team.   This experience links the financial health of your Strata Corporation CRF to the Market Value of your Strata Lot.

In other words, it is a plan for the provision of financial resources for major repairs and replacements of building components (such as roofs, siding and windows), improvements (such as patios and roadways, landscaping, pools, etc.) and assets (furniture, fixtures and equipment, etc.) over time, to ensure adequate funding of all future capital expenditures when required.

Call use today at 604-608-6161 (Lower Mainland) or 1-855-787-2828 (855-STRATA8) to get a Depreciation Report Proposal.

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